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New top end for the motor in the convertible

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New top end for the motor in the convertible

Post by junkyardjeff on January 15th 2012, 3:22 am

Even though a Y block is planned for the 55 it still might have to make a couple more trips to Florida before that happens so I need to fix what I have,now that the howl is gone I heard a constant lifter tick at highway speeds so I am going to tear into the top end late in the summer or early fall and see what that engine builder done or not done. I should have rebuilt the 76 351 I had but got suckered in by the cost of this rebuilt longblock so I am going to see if I can save it as it might go in the 65 4 door when the Y block goes in,after I got back I temporarily installed a oil pressure gauge and the oil pressure is good so I dont think there is any problems with the bottom end. I specified a RV grind cam but ended up with a cam where the power starts coming on around 2000 rpms and has a 302 firing order so it will be getting a stock 351 cam,I am also going to look into another set of heads since I think the heads that are on the motor are late 70s to early 80s smog heads and I am wondering about the quality of the valve job. Motors like the sbc that have completely adjustable rocker arms are not as effected by a not so great valve job where the height of the valves does not matter but on motors where the rocker arms are just tightened down they have to be just right or the valve train will be noisy or the valves will be too tight and burn quickly,I am going to look for a set of E7TE or GT40 heads and with a stock 351 cam should get it to where I will be happy with it and take them to a competent machine shop.


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