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Sunday in the Sun

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Sunday in the Sun

Post by FalconEddie1964 on April 29th 2009, 5:03 am

My wife and I were up long before dawn to head out for Indianapolis. I sure liked it when they weren't on daylight savings time. It gave you an extra hour of sleep. It makes an early flight when they start at 8:30 and it takes a little over 2 hours to get there. Anyway you look at it, leaving the house at 6:30 is early.
The first thing that suprised me was the new permanent grandstand. Looks like they're planning on a change in the economy to fill that bad boy this summer.

They ran Top Sportsman and Top Dragster over there. It was like the 8.90 class on steroids (or nitrus)

It was interesting to see these things run low 7.00's and high 6.00's. ( That's in the 1/4 not the eighth)
A couple of Comp Elimimator cars.

One of the new Dodges all dressed up and running Stock Eliminator

Another heavy hitter in Stock Eliminator was this four door Chevy

After what seemed like forever it was time for the Super Stockers. They were all running well under their indexs and pulling the front wheels at ease.

You just have to love the smell of rubber and fuel or alchol in the morning

The final run of the weekend with Bobby Martin defeating Mitch Snyder for the Alchol Funny Car title.

All in all it was a beautiful day, maybe a little long but still well worth the drive and the dough. I just wanted to see some racing and get out to do something before the price of gas goes crazy again the summer.
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