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one extreme to the other

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one extreme to the other

Post by dieseldr on May 9th 2014, 9:46 pm

Up here in NY we finally broke out of the cold weather broken record.... 2 days in a row of 80+ degree weather. Agriculture is so far behind this year because of the poor soil temps. To say we are behind is probably not accurate, more like we are on time to what our normal growing season should be compared to 25 years ago. The last number of years our farms have been able to double crop because of the long growing season, but not this year. We are running around up here sweatin' bullets now, and 2 weeks ago we were still keepin the long drawers handy for those frequent frosty mornings and cold days. The leaves on the trees are just starting to show up now, and the hummingbirds have been here about a week. Finally, this winter, and cold spring has drawn to a close. Some areas the frost wasn't out of the ground until the 3rd week of April. Wicked.
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