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The Ducktail Run

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The Ducktail Run

Post by Mr. Fabulous on October 13th 2007, 4:10 pm

Last weekend Madonna and I stayed in Gas City for our annual pilgrimage to the Ducktail Run. The weather was great all weekend, a little chilly for sleeping in a tent but with a good sleeping bag it was good for sleeping. It was by far the biggest crowd I've seen over there in years. There were so many cars that Saturday afternoon some of the late comers had to park in the swap meet area. There was something going on at all times. We went to the Friday nite concert with Spike and the Bulldogs. The music was great and it was fun seeing all the people dancing to the oldies under the stars. We didn't shoot too many pixs as it seemed the camera was always at the car and we weren't.
A cool 57 Ford 2 door post car

An old Chevy that's been cut just about everywhere.

One for Vickers

You can have your rust buckets, this is traditional

A mail box Gasser scoop

A really sweet 5.0 HO two door wagon

Tim.........How about a topless 4 door 58 Olds?? Looks pretty cool in the sun

At night this place turns into a war zone.........Rickie Young

And of course Fred was there

Both of the above were at the Rumble earlier this summer.
Madonna with some of the locals that go annually

Part of the Duck Parade

The Flame Throwing Contest was pretty good. It was ran by some different guys as Noble and Dick weren't there along with the passing of Larry who always did the announcing.
A Plymouth coupe

Mitch's Grand Prix

An old truck with stacks

Bob Rhodes' Fairlane He had placed third the night before in Fairmont.

Joe Walker's Plymouth, He won at Fairmont and at Gas City.

Noble's old Sh Boom

After the contest the park was like a mob scene. It certainly wasn't for the lawnchair brigade! It took a few hours for everything o die down so we could go to sleep, as we camped right in the park.
Mr. Fabulous
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