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shot heard 'round the state

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shot heard 'round the state

Post by dieseldr on January 10th 2014, 1:04 pm

This saturday, in NYS, there is a type of protest planned. So far, 3 county sportsmans clubs have organized to make a statement against NY's SAFE act. They are all going to gather at their ranges, and all membership, and anyone in the public who has a legal firearm, will be provided the opportunity to fire a round in protest of this mass of senseless legislation. The event organizers are optimistic that all 8 western NY counties will be onboard with this event by tomorrow noon. I am sure that anyone else in our republic is welcome to participate in this statement of protest. This law has gone to state supreme court, and unfortunately virtually every aspect of this law has been proclaimed constitutional, except the 7 round magazine limit. That portion is in the process of being struck down.

Unfortunatley, legislation like this is brought into being, at the same time support for people with mental health issues is being reduced. So these folks end up getting less and less help, and the laws of the general public pertaining to our constitutional rights are attacked for the purpose of a perceived public safety. Which ultimately results in law abiding citizens becoming common criminals, so that the left can protect us from ourselves...... Somebody's signature here says it best- " when fingers are outlawed, only outlaws will have fingers." Closer to the truth than you think.
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