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It runs again

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It runs again

Post by dieseldr on October 9th 2013, 5:25 pm

Just finished a major overhaul for a customer, a cummins small cam 855 cu in 6 cyl in his 87 Peterbilt cabover manure tank truck. I used to do tons of these all summer long in my younger days when I worked construction, but over the years in self employment, you get to see a lot of other things, and your skill and sharpness on this stuff gets a bit clouded by details of other work. I'm thinkin 2 things right now- 1) I can still do what I used to do, it just takes longer, and 2) I hope I just did my last large engine overhaul- it just ties up too much money and time for my comfort anymore!

Ambition and calm nerves are wasted on youth!
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Re: It runs again

Post by Reb Stew on October 9th 2013, 10:05 pm

dieseldr wrote:                 

Ambition and calm nerves are wasted on youth!
Tell me about it!

Get off the computer and get to work on your car

Reb Stew
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