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flywheel grinder

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flywheel grinder

Post by dieseldr on May 12th 2013, 8:03 pm

Been doing a few heavy clutches lately, trucks and tractors, and have discovered I could make a few bucks more, and save actually more than I make if I had a way to resurface flywheels without having to drive 150 miles to get it done. Been looking online for a used machine, no luck, but one of the NAPA stores in the area decided to stop doing flywheels and offered up their grinder. It appears to be in good shape, but really, REALLY filthy. Got it home and did a quick resurface on an old ford wheel, does a nice job, but have learned I need to tilt the grinding head a little more,and I need to clean out and flush the coolant reservoir. Hopefully by the end of next week I can get it going and start getting a return on it. I figure the savings alone on having to chase down having one done, 2 trips each time will save me $150 per job.... 12 clutch jobs will pay for it. Plus whatever other work I can pick up with it. Finding out other applications this machine can be used for, if you can clamp it down and it will fit in the table area, it can probably be resurfaced. Even some sharpening applications it can be used for. Got a 14" dog dish flywheel to resurface this week, both upper and lower surfaces will need ground to get proper setup dimensions, looking forward to seeing how bad I can screw this one up!
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