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Post by Cratethis on April 14th 2013, 2:33 am

If any of you guys are shotgun reloaders or know someone who is, I have lots and lots of stuff you might be looking for. You can pick up any of these items in Hebron, Burlington, or Newport. I am not looking to trade on any of this. Cash only.

Will have other reloading things to list. This is just the shot gun related stuff.

No firearms in any list though. All reloading supplies.

6 bags (3000 pieces) WAA12 Replacement Wad (Claybuster) $11 per 500
3.5bags (1750 pieces) WTW12 Replacement Wad (Claybuster) $10 per 500
2.5bags (1250 pieces) 12S3 (Claybuster) $12 each
3(750 Pieces) Bags RP12 Wads $11 per 250
(700 pieces) Winchester WAA12 Wads $8.00 per 250
1 Bag (250 Pieces) Winchester WAA20 $7.99
1 Bag (500 Pieces) Winchester WT12 $14
3 Bags (1500) Activ 12 Gauge Yellow Wads $12 each
(1 1/2) 25 pound Bag 7 Extra Hard West Coast Premium Shot $80
AA 12 gauge once fired hulls $10 per 100 (I have about 1000)
Mec Super Sizer Model SS77 $75
Mec 650 Shot Shell Loader $150
Mac Charge Bar 502-118 $7.00
Mac Charge Bar 502-114 $5.00
8 Lb Container of Alliant Powder Promo $120
8 Lb Container (6lbs left?) Hercules Herco Powder $120
8 lb + a little more of Dupont 700x Powder $140
7-8lb of IMR PB Powder $180

I also have
4lb Container Alliant Red Dot $70
1lb Alliant Red Dot $20
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