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tools,tools and more tools

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tools,tools and more tools

Post by junkyardjeff on March 5th 2012, 2:04 am

After 13 years I decided to go through my dads,uncles and grampas tool boxes to see what was in them,in grampas tool box I found some very old wrenches so I put them in a reproduction tool pouch I made for the 37 and made me a new junkyard tool box. Some of dads tools went in my garage box and then I combined dads,grampas and mine into two junkyard boxes,I have a light duty box with the 1/4 and 3/8 sockets and smaller wrenches and the other box is the heavy duty box with the 1/2 drive sockets and larger wrenches. Now my junkyard boxes are made up with mostly craftsman tools that I can take back if I break them and some of them are over 50 years old,in grampas box was a ancient Craftsman ratchet that I am going to put up and replace with a modern ratchet since if it ever breaks I doubt parts are available to repair and I got some cheap Taiwan tools that I wont be using if anyone needs any and hate to throw out since they are still useable.


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