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GTO with factory exhaust cut outs.

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GTO with factory exhaust cut outs.

Post by RebStew on February 9th 2011, 10:12 am

I can't believe I found this video. I was telling a few guys in the club about this and I think they thought I was nuts. Pontiac was heavy into the racing scene. They even hired street racers to test new cars for them on Woodward Ave under the shade of night.
One cool thing that they ALMOST got away with was a cut out exhaust system for the GTO. I had read up on it, what I could find but the info was not all that good. What happened is Pontiac stuck an extra pull cable under the dash. Right next to the Ram Air pull cable was a vacuum actuated exhaust . With one pull you had free flowing open pipes. They made a few and put out the commercial you see below. The commercial ended up biting them in the rear. One of the high ranking members seen the commercial over the weekend and Monday morning pulled the plug. I'm not sure of the numbers but it was very low that made it out the door with this option. Makes you wonder what a car with this option would bring at Barris Action, if there is even one left on the road today.

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