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The Right to Keep and Bear Arms

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The Right to Keep and Bear Arms

Post by RebStew on October 29th 2010, 6:09 am

The Right to Keep and Bear Arms
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Posted By: Sean Sanders Costanza
To: Members in The Right to Keep and Bear Arms
A Sincere Thank You
To The Devoted Supporters of Our Second Amendment,

I am pleased to report that since the last bulletin our Cause has reached over 1.2 MILLION members (by contrast, the ACLU Cause has a mere 10,000 members). Even more impressive is the $6400 we have raised for the NRA through our Cause.

This feat would not have been accomplished without the collective effort of everyone in this group, and I cannot thank you enough.

In addition to our record numbers, we should also celebrate last summer's Supreme Court decision, McDonald v. Chicago, in which the Court held that the individual right to keep and bear arms applies to the states by virtue of the Due Process Clause (and according to Justice Thomas, the Privileges or Immunities Clause) of the 14th Amendment. This is huge.

In more recent news, midterm elections have crept up on us, and we need to keep this Cause going strong during this crucial time. I implore everybody reading this to please help by doing the following:

-VOTE. Tuesday, November 2, 2010. One week from tomorrow. Tell everyone you know to vote. It's your right and duty.

-If you run into any politicians this weekend, kindly express your interest in the Second Amendment and let them know just how important our right is to you.

-Please invite anyone you think may be interested in our Cause. You may have new Facebook friends since you last sent out invites. Please take this into consideration. Tell your friends to invite their friends. An easy link is: http://www.causes.com/RKBA?m=3f5bc45d

-If you can, invite somebody new to shooting to a range day. Teachers, professors, neighbors, coworkers, family members. Teach the fundamentals of safe gun handling. Show them that firearms are perfectly safe when enjoyed properly.

-Lastly, please, if you are able, consider making a small donation to our cause. The money goes straight to the NRA. Even if everyone donates only $1, it would go miles in supporting our organization.

Again, I thank everyone for their continued support of our Cause. Keep up the good work.

Most Sincerely,

Sean Sanders
Founder, The Right to Keep and Bear Arms

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