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Open and read the law!

Post by Admin on April 7th 2009, 4:53 pm

The Club:
The Scroungers Car Club was formed in 2006 as a “Builders Club”. Thus, it is designed to be a very active club and one that is very family orientated and is NOT a computer based club. If you are looking for a club that consist of members that get out and do things, enjoys their cars and their families, you may be in the right place. If you want to sit on the computer and bench race all the time, then The Scroungers C.C. is not for you. All members have a voice and are active within the club. We have officers that take care of what little bit of politics there are so you don't have to. All members must show support for the club and contribute to the production of club sponsored events and activities. An active club as this must have this participation because it will not run itself. Members will sometimes be given various responsibilities, you can decline but if you are reaping the benefits of the club and do not want to participate or to help out, you will be ask to leave. It is understood that there are certain hardships that arise from time to time, these will be administered to on a case by case basis. We work hard and play harder, but there are no free rides with us.

Club Cars:
Rice need not apply! The club consists of, but not limited to mostly traditional type cars and trucks. We prefer pre 1973 model American made cars and or trucks but with the bulk of the new rodders being younger and into later model cars we have opened the door to any American rear wheel drive car that has at least two modifications done to it. Opening the doors to newer cars does not mean we have left our roots, but more often than not we are trying to convert the younger generation to traditional hot rodding. This is something that they may have never been exposed to before. It works. Being a builders club sometimes means that our club car and or truck is being wrenched on. There is nothing wrong with that but never showing up to a club meet with your ride isn’t acceptable. We want active members within the club with operating vehicles. This means that you must have your club car/truck at a club meet/function within 6 months. If you can't there will be a meeting between the officers to see if we feel you are working hard or hardly working. You may be ask to take a leave of absence from the club until such time that your chosen club vehicle is road worthy. After all, we are a CAR club.

Want to join:
If you are interested in becoming a member, e-mail someone within the club, speak to another member at a show/event, or you can express your interest on the clubs forum. Only way into the Scroungers Car Club is by invitation. If no member knows you are interested then you won't make it in. Talk to the members and get to know them. Never worry about speaking up at a show or cruise in and asking what needs to be done to become a prospect. After we get to know you we will set you up as a prospect or let you know why you wouldn't fit in with the Scroungers. No matter where you are in the US you can become a member. If you make it in as a member and you live outside a chapter we have, you will be under one of the chapters we have now until we feel you are ready to start your own chapter.

Potential members are invited into the club as prospects after a club member vouches for them and the officer’s approval of their application. Prospects MUST attend all club meetings and events during this period but may not vote on any changes or amendments to the club rules and bylaws. After a period of 30 but not longer than 90 days, a prospect may be voted into the club as a full-fledged member or voted out. This will be done by the entire membership. Prospects are on probation during this period and you must abide by all the rules during this time. If you step out of bounds in any way you will be booted without a second chance. That means any actions that are not cool like wearing your Scroungers C.C. member’s shirt, decals or acts with your car with Scroungers CC merchandise on it while doing something illegal or something that the club body feels inappropriate will be grounds to pull all Scroungers merchandise from you and ban you from the club or any activities we sponsor.

We want members, guys or gals that want to be part of a family of rodders. Someone who is willing to help each other out in times of need. Someone that has a lust for life and wants to have more fun than the average Joe does in a life time. We want members that scrape and scrounge for parts to build bombers, beaters or true grass roots hot rods or customs. We are a builder’s car club that helps each other with our rides. If you are willing to put 100% into working on your ride to the best of your ability, then we will help you. We will NOT build you a car! If you are wrenching hard we will help but there are no free rides. Slackers and users will be booted! So called hot rodders that can't change their spark plugs or think that working on his ride is waxing it every month is not what we are looking for. There are plenty of clubs for you to join. They can even get you one of those cool silk club jackets.

No one expects the club to be their life. We all know that family and work come first. For the family oriented person this club is a great thing. 99% of all the club activities are kid approved. Shows, cruise ins, grill outs and long hauls are all family events. If you want to bring the wife and kids feel free, we want the entire family to feel welcome.

Your dues are to be paid when you become a full fledged member after your necessary prospect period has been completed. Dues are $20.00 a year due on January 1st. of every year and are prorated from the end of your prospect period so if you join on the 6th month the amount due is only $10.00. The dues help finance the activities of the club, example, buy food for grill outs and other things needed to make the club run throughout the year as prepaying for shirts, decals etc. As stated above the Scroungers C.C. is a family based club and the dues also reflect that. If you join and become a member, your family is also included in that membership. The dues are per family. If you have a spouse or significant other that may or may not have a hot rod your dues include them as well. It is still just $20.00 a year. If you have a house full of kids and they all drive hot rods, you still only pay $20.00 a year.

Club Plaques/Dragger Plates:
Club plaques/Drag plates are a traditional hot rodding item. It has been decided that they do not look right hung off the rear bumper/rolled pan of later model cars and/or trucks. These plaques can only to be hung on Scroungers CC member’s pre-1973 traditional style cars and/or trucks. They may still be displayed on member’s later model vehicles or muscle cars by mounting them on the package shelf and displaying them in the rear window or some similar application.

Water Slide Decals:
Scroungers CC water slide decals are for club members only. The water slides should never be on anything other than a club car and or truck. NOT your daily driver unless it's a hot rod. You are free to put them anywhere on your hot rod but the club prefers them on the lower right of the windshield.

Support Decals:
Vinyl decals or any other type of Scroungers C.C. decal can be ran on your hot rod. Any decal that is on a non club car must say “Support Your Local “over the top of it. We are a traditional car club and we don't want people thinking that we have Honda's, Neon's or redneck 4X4 trucks in the club. If you run a decal on your daily driver, unless it's a hot rod it must say “Support Your Local” over the top of it. One and only loophole is if it's a truck and you use it for running parts for your rod or club members hot rods. If that is the case then you can run a Scroungers Car Club decal BUT it must say “PARTS CHASER “above or below it. No club oval water slide decal for parts chasers!

Scroungers CC Logo:
Most of our merchandise is copy righted so watch how you use it. If we catch someone using our name, logo or someone representing the club and they are not a club member they will get a visit from a lawyer or worse, The Sgt. of Arms with an Enforcer. Any club member that sells or trades a car and/or truck should make sure that they scrape off any Scroungers decal that may be on said car and/or truck. We don't want some bum running over a group of Nuns with a club decal in the window for the reporters to show on the 11 o'clock news, or any other undesirable liability.

Club Owned Goodies:
The club owns some tools, mock up engines and transmissions, truck for parts chasing, hauling or towing, tow dolly and more. Any full fledged member can use anything the club owns. BUT while you are using it you are liable for it. If you brake it, no matter what it is you will need to replace it.

Officers presently consist of a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Sergeant of Arms, and a President for each chapter formed. The duties of the officers other than the Sgt. of Arms should be self explanatory. The Sgt. of Arms is to help out with officer’s duties as required, to enforce the rules and by-laws, and to police the general peace within the club. This includes the members and the other officers of the club. If anyone has a problem with a member that is breaking the rules, they can PM any officer and it will be turned over to the Sergeant of Arms.

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